ER Day 2

On the second day, I met this elderly lady that had hurt her big toe. The phalange (bone on the tip of the toes) had broken off and shifted over the metatarsal bone (the next bone). She’d been waiting for the orthopedic surgeon for the past seven hours, as he was in surgery all day. She was definitely in a lot of pain but not once did she lose her cool, she patiently sat there and waited for him. That’s one chill grandma!


ER Day 1

On my first day in the ER, I met this Afghan lady who was in extreme pain, her left arm was dislocated from her shoulder. She told me she was there all alone and her entire family was back home. Then she started crying and telling me how she has been sick for a long period of her life. She had brain surgery when she was really young, which had left her with a disorder of balance and she would get dizzy spells often and just faint. Now when I think back, I should have given her a hug. I didn’t even have a chance to see goodbye to her, by the time my dose of IV antibiotics was done, she had left for the X-Ray room.